Aerial Silks

Below is a listing of premade and set Aerial Silks acts that are ready to perform. She can however create a routine to match the theme/stye of your event. Also available for ambient/club sets.

Nenedhel Also has a doubles partner if required for synchronised aerial silks routines. (two silks rigged at once)

Photo by DenyerPro

Here are some of her set routines

I found you
Sensual aerial silks routine perfect for corporate and club events alike.

Blood on my hands
Beautiful yet dark aerial silks routine to an edgy backing track with a vampy vibe.

post apocalyptic and edgy. This aerial silks routine will take you to a world of chaos and disorder.

The Doll
A doll comes to life in this tale of mystery and wonder.


A floaty, Sultry otherworldly Silks routine with a gothic, bittersweet undertone. Perfect for darker events or halloween/anti-valentines

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