Video Gallery

Below is a gallery of Nenedhel Absynthium. All images are copyrighted please note. These are mostly promotional videos and showreels. Some of them are show specific or past shows and so feature other performers as well as my self. Others are my own showreels and not feature any other performers. I will identify each as required. I do not own the videos shown here

Mini showreel

Mini Aerial showreel

Fps Fitness Summer showcase 2017
Aerial Silks

FPS Fitness Studio's Summer Lovin' Showcase from Steve Liles on Vimeo.

CircusMash - Retrograde trailer
Aerial silks, Tightwire, Dancing and acting (silver white Wig)2017

CircusMash - Hullabaloo trailer
Costume maker and storm-cloud stiltwalker (2016)

CircusMash - Mad World
Static Trapeze (black trap boots) and Aerial Silks (2016)

CircusMash - Incandescent
Costume Designer and Stiltwalker (2016)

All images and content are copyrighted